Reading the Bible When it’s Boring

Are you ready to Drain the Swamp? Let’s begin Week 2 with…

Pray as You Go


This week I’m focusing on the practice Pray as you go. OK, maybe it’s more of a podcast than a practice, but I forgive it.


  1. Download the Pray as you Go app for iPhone or Android. Or you can bookmark their website.
  2. Think about when you’d like to practice Pray as you Go this week (each episode is ~12 minutes.
  3. Listen and reflect while commuting to work, walking, hiking, or anytime you could use a reminder of God’s presence.

I Have an Admission to Make:

Sometimes I find the Bible to be stale and boring…



Before you rally your friends, pick up your pitchforks and attempt to barge through my door, let me explain.

– But just to be safe I deadbolted my door.

Having grown up in the church, I’ve attended Bible studies, followed daily-reading plans, and heard hundreds of sermons.

I’ve read through the Bible countless times – probably as many times as there are stars in the sky. Well…at least 5 times.

And sure, maybe I skimmed through a few of the books – I’m looking at you Numbers. And by “skimmed” I mean skipped. But let’s not get stuck on the details.

The point is, I’ve read the same book over and over again for 30 plus years. THE SAME BOOK – FOR OVER 30 YEARS!!

If it were any other book the Secret Service might have paid me a visit by now.

Moving From Religion to Relationship

There was a season when my spiritual practices were primarily studying and memorizing Scripture. It was essential for building my belief system and setting the foundation for my faith.

But when I entered a difficult season in my life, I needed more than just a religion, more than just laws and checked boxes on my daily reading plan.

I needed a relationship.

More Than a Book

And that’s when I came to realize that the Bible is more than a book. It’s more than stories and laws and religion.

It’s an invitation to be known and loved unconditionally, if only I can sit quietly with Scripture and listen for what God might be saying to me.

That’s why this week I’m focusing on the practice Pray as you go.  This podcast reminds me that the Bible is inviting me to be present with God and to be known and loved by Him.

Each episode is a combination of eclectic worship music (including Scottish monks and a recently racially integrated South African choir), Scripture reading, and questions for reflection.


Interested in giving this practice a try? Here are a few tips I found helpful…

You might find it healing to pursue a Sacred Badge of Courage during this practice.

Try not to censor your thoughts or responses during this practice. If you are frustrated at God, let Him know. If a Scripture verse overwhelms you, say it. If you feel like God has abandoned you, tell Him. God can handle it.

Note: Most of the episodes are agreeable with mainline Christianity. However, sometimes an episode will focus on a Saint, which might make some Protestants feel uneasy. If this is you, feel free to skip that episode and listen to a day that you’ve missed.

Comment below:

Are you thinking of practicing Pray as you Go this week? If so, let me know what your plan is.

Photo Credit: Wolfman-K Flickr via Compfight cc

11 thoughts on “Reading the Bible When it’s Boring

  1. Lucas,

    Thanks for suggesting Pray As You Go. A year or two ago, I followed it regularly but then drifted away. It’s not perfect but is a nice, short contemplative island in our otherwise tumultuous electronic lives.

    I’m not Catholic, but I enjoyed the episodes on saints. Real Christians who lived sometimes long ago.



    1. Oh, great to hear that the episodes on the saints was enjoyable for you. I love the image of a contemplative island on a tumultuous sea. Thanks Dan for your thoughts!


  2. Lucas, you’re writing is very refreshing! Where most Authors are dry when discussing spiritual practices and development, You bring a much needed sense of humor that not only helps me relate to your subject matter, but also creates a desire to keep coming back week after week!


  3. I was going back and forth on going for a walk today since I have a short break – now I’ve got the motivation I need to get out there door and do it! Downloading a pray-as-you-go episode as we speak.


    1. AWESOME!! This just made my day. Thanks for sharing Lauren! I hope you find your reflective walk to be restful and re-energizing.


  4. Lucas, keep up the great work! Love your use of humor and authenticity in your writing.

    I’m right there with you – sometimes it can be plain boring to read another chapter from Leviticus or attend another Bible study. I’m all about mixing it up. I intentionally read books and listen to podcasts that give me a fresh perspective on the Christian journey. Plus, you probably can guess that I feel closest to God when I spend time in His Creation.


    1. Thanks for the encouragement Chris! Yes it’s a journey isn’t it? Mixing it up is a great idea to keep it relationally focused instead of getting stuck in a task. And yes, I could definitely guess you feel close to God on the trails 🙂


  5. I feel you have found a venue that allows you to express yourself, and enterject your humor.
    I pray that you can feel the positive unfiltered expressions coming back to you. Most people have experinced a dry and parched place in life ( some have referred to as BURN OUT) no matter how one describes it where you are with yourself, will affecf your reaction.
    Keep your head above the fray, and one foot in front of the other you are moving in the right direction….. no matter.
    We LOVE YOU NaNa & PaPa


    1. Yes, I feel the same way! I never would have imagined myself being brave enough to blog. But I’m finding my voice through this very challenging but rewarding experience. Thanks for the encouragement! Love you both!!


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